Jinhui Liao


Dr. Jinhui Liao is a passionate teacher who has been teaching mathematics for over 10 years. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award in 2019 from the Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS http://www.csaus.org/). He has experience teaching/tutoring Creative Problem Solving, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, and Calculus as well as coaching Math Olympiad. Many of his students have qualified for and received high accolades at various premier math competitions such as the MATHCOUNTS, the American Mathematic Competitions 8/10/12, the American Invitational Mathematics Exam, the USA Junior Math Olympiad, and the USA Math Olympiad. Dr. Liao subscribes to the belief that the learning is an intuitive nature of human. He loves helping students master concepts that they had once struggled with, showing them that they can succeed, and boosting their innate enthusiasm of learning. Dr. Liao encourages students using Mathematics as a tool to understand and interpret our world and helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving mindset and skills. Dr. Liao is a founder of Ann-Hua Chinese School Math Program. He has been leading the Ann-Hua Math program over 10 years. He is also the founder and CEO of AAmath, a program that provides high-quality mathematic courses for elementary-school, middle school, and high-school students.

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Fall 2021
Wednesdays 6 pm-8 pm ET (09/01-10/06/2021)
Megrez Education is pleased to announce that we are now cooperating with AAMATH to offer “Introduction to Counting and Probability”, a ...
3 Lectures
Wednesdays 6 pm-8 pm ET (09/01-10/06/2021)
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