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Founded by Dr. Hengguang Li, an internationally acclaimed math professor and educator, and Dr. Jing Dai, a biostatistician and math educator, Megrez Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to democratizing high-quality supplemental K-12 education. Based in Troy, Michigan, we provide diverse and affordable education opportunities to K-12 students in Michigan and beyond. We collaborate with professional educators and experienced K-12 school teachers to design quality curricula for every child who wants to improve their math skills. Our programs include curricular enhancement, extracurricular enrichment, math contest coaching, test prep, individual/small group tutoring, workshops, and various public engagement events.


Math is the universal language for sciences and engineering and offers many transferable skills valued in today’s world. We are passionate to help every child discover and maximize their potential for math learning.

  • Gain knowledge through our incremental and diverse programs

  • Unlock potential through critical thinking and active learning

  • Train character through problem solving, overcoming individual and team challenges, and leadership development

  • Change the world


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    Lewei has a PhD in Applied and Computational Mathematics. He is currently a researcher in the medical field. Lewei has extensive experience teaching undergraduate math and statistics courses such as precalculus and calculus. He is passionate about helping our highschoolers with their AP math. Lewei’s hobbies include writing and traveling



    Maggie majored in elementary education. Maggie has experience in all grade levels and subjects K-5 and tutoring experience in reading and math. Maggie also works as a substitute teacher and nanny part time. In her free time Maggie enjoys playing the ukulele & flute, reading, swimming and spending time outdoors & with family.



    Priyanka is studying to complete her Ph.D. in Mathematics. Priyanka has many years of experience as a professor teacher for Associate, Bachelor’s and Graduate degree students. College courses she taught include statistics, algebra, calculus, and discrete mathematics. In addition, Priyanka has tutoring experience for middle and high students in various math subjects. She loves baking, cooking, singing, and listening to music.



    Maria majored in Math and is currently the Head Tutor in a large Math Resource Center. She has rich experience tutoring K-12 kids and college students in various math courses. She also substitutes for advanced college math courses. In her free time, Maria loves yoga, playing the piano, and coding.



    Jesse majored in Chemical Engineering. He is passionate and talented in math and has extensive experience in tutoring math for all ages. Jesse currently works as a tutor for an Emerging Scholars Math Program at a large urban university. In his free time, Jesse enjoys walking his dogs, camping, hiking, being outdoors, and traveling.



    Urvashi majored in Biomedical Engineering. She has experience tutoring K-12 students in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. Urvashi’s experience in teaching high school mathematics courses include geometry, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus AP, statistics AP, and SAT prep. Her hobbies include baking, reading, drawing, playing the piano, and staying active.



    Beichuan has a PhD in Mathematics and is currently working as a researcher for an institute. Beichuan has won numerous math contest awards in China. He has 7+ years experience in teaching high school and undergraduate math courses including prealgebra, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, geometry, linear algebra, and statistics. He likes cooking, traveling and reading in his leisure time.



    Sara is studying to complete her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Physics. She has extensive experience tutoring K-12 students of all ages in mathematics, biology, and physics courses. Additionally, she has peer mentored for physics classes at her University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, solving puzzles, and spending time with her family.



    Mohye has a Ph.D. in mathematics. For years Mohye has been teaching undergraduate mathematics courses, such as calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and college algebra. Mohye was a middle school teacher for 6 years before he obtained his Ph.D. In his free time, Mohye enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time with his family and friends.



    Blake has over six years of teaching experience, specializing in upper elementary writing instruction. Blake has a master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan, with a teaching major in Language Arts. Blake also has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, where he majored in Philosophy and minored in Linguistics and Film Studies on a full-tuition, academic scholarship. Blake’s deep and broad academic background, in addition to a passion for working with children, allows him to meet student needs while also engaging them in their interests.



    Racquel is studying to complete a double major in Mathematics and Education. She has experience tutoring K-12 students in both math and reading. She also works with the Math Corps program. In her free time, Racquel enjoys cooking, baking, painting, and spending time outside.



    Ahmad holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics and Master of Business Administration. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Mathematics. Ahmad has been teaching Mathematics for more than 20 years. He has experienced teaching common core curriculum, AP, SAT, and international curriculums such as IB and IGCSE. Moreover, Ahmad has been teaching various math courses at the undergraduate level: College Algebra, Business Statistics, Business Mathematics, Calculus, Differential Equations as well Linear Algebra to IT, engineering, Business, Art & Music, and health science students. Throughout his teaching career, Ahmad has taught students at different academic levels with different skills and abilities and from various backgrounds.  At his leisure time, Ahmad enjoys travelling, socializing, watching movies, and swimming



    Juan is studying to complete her master’s degree in Teaching Secondary Mathematics. She is teaching Pre-algebra and elementary level math in Annhua Chinese School in Ann Arbor. She also has experience tutoring math for K-12 students. She enjoys reading, cooking and baking. She loves teaching and embraces the unique talents of all learners.

    Aidan Sheriff


    Aidan loves mathematics! He has studied calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations and has been tutoring mathematics for the last 4 years.


    Portrait Harry PNG


    Harry is currently a senior at Troy High School, and leads the High School Volunteering team within Megrez. He promotes and organizes Megrez volunteering opportunities within local high schools, and also works with other Megrez programs and staff to set up free volunteer-sourced classes targeted towards underserved communities. Harry is currently shooting for a major in Business, and plays piano as his greatest extracurricular.

    Stephanie Han


    Teddy Shi


    Hayley Chenfang


    Alan Zhang