Programming in Python I (Session 2)

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Enrolled: 2 students
Duration: Sundays 11 am-12 pm ET (09/12-11/14/2021)
Lectures: 3
Level: Beginner


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Megrez Education is pleased to announce that we are now cooperating with Kidsmart Coding to offer “Programing in Python”.

This course is for students in Grade 5 and higher. In this 10-lesson course, students will learn both fundamental programming concepts and python project examples. They will:

  1. Build simple Python based games using programming loops and functions;
  2.  Draw graphics using the Python module Turtle;
  3.  Be able to use the in-built Python modules for their own projects.

It will cover topics that include but not limited to: introduction to python, variables, conditional statements & input/output, turtle graphics, loops & functions, text-based games, lists, and python projects.

Our instructor, Jing Yang, has a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University. With a will to educate, she migrated from her 10-year career as a Software Development Professional to STEAM Educator. Jing has worked extensively with children of all age groups to build a strong understanding of how they learn and respond to code. Jing is also a co-founder of Kidsmart Coding, which is a learning institute providing kids’ coding classes. Kidsmart Coding deeply focuses on how to make hard concepts easy to understand and how to make coding fun for kids.


  • Small class for maximized individual attention: maximum 10 students.
  • Class will meet once a week for one hour via Zoom for 10 weeks in the fall semester.
  • Syllabus and coursework will be distributed in the course Curriculum section (course registration is required).

Tuition: $200 ($20 per one-hour class) non-refundable after first class.

Class Schedule: Class will meet once a week on Sundays 11 am-12 pm ET (09/12-11/14/2021): 09/12, 09/19, 09/26, 10/03, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/07, 11/14.

Google Classroom:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Python

Class Schedule: Class will meet once a week on Sundays 11 am-12 pm ET (09/12-11/14/2021): 09/12, 09/19, 09/26, 10/03, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/07, 11/14.

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